Pascal Forneck, Jens Haerter, Peter C, Victor D. Blackbyrd, Timon Witt

From swedish epic metal riffs with monstrous growls over tender melodies, to more modern approaches – anything can be found in the music that is CALIBRE INFINITE.

The band features the dynamic fivepiece of Peter C on Vocals, Victor D. Blackbyrd on bass, Pascal Forneck and Jens Haerter on guitars, and Timon Witt on Drums.

The band’s music encompasses a range of metal sub-genres, reflecting their collective creativity and musical backgrounds.

Transitioning from a solo project to a collaborative band, CALIBRE INFINITE has evolved, embracing change and growth.
Their collective experience shines in both studio recordings and live performances, captivating audiences with their emotional and energetic music.

As they move forward, CALIBRE INFINITE is committed to delivering powerful and resonant music, proving that they are not just a group of individual talents, but a unified musical force.